Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I made this supplemental blog to kragslife so I could share my progress, tips, tricks and stories on dieting. I recently started Weight Watchers for the second time  and I am so far doing very well. It's the whole getting back into eating right and working out thing that's the problem. Which is all of it.. well I mean, its the re-forming of the habits that is proving to be the struggle. But no fear. I have been working out and my eating has been fantastic! It helps to not be living in a college dorm room..I will be posting pics, and updates along with some healthy recipes I love and great workout ideas. Also, if you post a reasonable workout for me to try or a vegetarian recipe to try i will and then come and write about it. Thanks guys. If anyone wants to share any tips or comments,post in the comment box, id love to hear from you all and chit chat!

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